Shorting Bitcoin: A Guide to Getting Started

Bitcoin Price Depth Charts – How to Predict Bitcoin Price Trends

Digital currency like Bitcoin hasn’t just exploded in value over the course of 2017. Instead, as we head into 2018, more people than ever are looking to buy Bitcoin thanks to greater public awareness and interest in digital currency. Sadly, one of the worst things new to market traders and investors can do after signing…
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Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia of common cryptocurrency terms and phrases. Everything from what a Bitcoin is to the difference between SegWit and SegWit2x.

Bitcoin Futures: Getting Started

This week marked a historic milestone for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The CBOE launched futures trading on its exchange. In the excitement of the first hour the price of Bitcoin jumped over $1,000 above $17,000. Trading Has Been “Orderly” Trading continued without incident though the CBOE’s volatility sensors aka “circuit breakers” were triggered two times in…
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